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DSH Mould Dryer Series


DSH Mould Dryer Series

The DSH air dehumidifiers are the most innovative solution to the problem of condensate on injection moulds and blowers.
Air is dehumidified with a desiccant rotor system that brings the air dew point to -10°C. With airflows from 800 to 3000 m3/h, they can be mounted on one or more processing machines.


  • Microprocessor control of the machine, leading to a constant dew point with PID regeneration control.
  • Filtration through an easily accessible and cleanable panel filter.
  • Air is pre.cooled by an exchanger using low temperature water (7-10°C). Condensed water is expelled by a pump with in-built floater.
  • The high-head fan sends air to the high-efficiency absorbent rotor providing a stable process also in tropical climatic conditions with temperatures of up to 45°C and humidity up to 90%.
  • A post-cooler may be installed to reduce the outflowing air temperature
  • RS485 ModBus interface


  • Dew Point device with alarm.
  • Touch screen colour operator panel
  • Clogged filter pressure switch


  • Increases productivity by reducing the cycle time.
  • Constant process in all climates
  • Absence of waste due to mould moisture.
  • No mould corrosion risk and subsequent maintenance.