Plastic Systems S.r.l.




The GR2845-2T granulator was designed to be used in line with PP-PET foil extrusion systems.
The granulator makes it possible to recover the side scraps of extruded foil on a continuous basis.
The speed control of the 2 haul-off units thanks to an inverter makes it possible rto synchronise the operation with the extrusion line, thus preventing scrap break off, including with thin layers.
The cutting chamber with a 3 mobile and 2 fixed blades strong rotor makes it possible to grind foils with thickness ranging from a minimum of 100 micron to a maximum of 2000 micron.
The machine mounts a fan and makes it possible to recover the ground material immediately.


  • Quality steel cutting chamber with rotating side discs.
  • Quality steel self-ventilating open rotor
  • 2 fixed blade with micrometric adjustment
  • 3 rotating blades adjustable with bench template.
  • Sorting grid with wide unloading surface
  • Regrind collection tray, ready for fan mounting.
  • 2 independent haul-off units with a width of 170 mm, driven by a servo-ventilated gearbox and with inverter-activated speed control.
  • Pressing roller controlled by a pneumatic double piston.
  • 2 arms with linear potentiometer to automatically adjust the line speed, placed on the soundproof box.
  • Soundproof cabin
  • Electric control panel with automatic feeding speed adjustment.


  • Easy started.
  • Quality of regrind
  • Low noise level thanks to effective soundproofing
  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Safety
  • Follows the extruder production dynamics