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The dryers of the HAD series are used to dry non-hygroscopic plastic granules. Non hygroscopic plastics are polymers that retain moisture only on the surface of the granules, in very small quantities.
However, the processing of plastic materials in the presence of moisture can seriously compromise process quality and, consequently, the quality of the finished product.
There are basically two series of dryers. The first series includes the HAD30 - HAD 200 range of products, with airflows from 70 to 200 m3/h, that can be installed directly on the machine plasticising throat. The second series includes the HAD400 - HAD2500 range of products, with airflows from 400 to 1350 m3/h, mounted on supports on the floor.


  • Stainless-steel hoppers with glass-fibre insulation equipped with a central diffuser cone.
  • Electronic monitoring of the process air heating phase with a PID algorithm. The control board has a microprocessor. The machine is equipped with a control keypad and a display, to input the operating settings and display the alarms.
  • Daily-weekly programmer.
  • Hinged covers, ready for the installation of single-phase/three-phase feeders.
  • Insulated inspection hatch for HAD250 and higher.