Plastic Systems S.r.l.




The Plastic Systems belt conveyors are suitable for the collection, conveyance and separation of moulded or blow-moulded items produced by injection and blow moulding machines.
The NDS series comprises a double curved articulated belt conveyor comprising a flat bottom part for the collection of material, a sloping part for conveyance and a flat upper part for sorting.
The height, slope and angles between the sloping part and the flat upper and bottom parts of the conveyors can be adjusted.
It is usually supplied with a PUR embossed belt, but is also available with a smooth belt with strips. The standard assembly is equipped with a blade separator
The ND series, featuring a double curved fixed belt conveyor, where the angle between the sloping part and the two flat parts at the top and bottom is fixed, is also available.


  • Quick height and slope adjustment.
  • Mounted on braked swivel wheels.
  • Smooth or embossed PUR belts, or belts with strips.
  • Canvas belt speed 3 m/min.
  • Transmission power/voltage 180W/400V
  • All machines are equipped with safety devices in compliance with the European standards and regulations and bear the CE mark.


  • Electric panel with external consent for programmed operation.
  • Electric panel with 2-cycle timer.
  • Speeds available upon request: 1.56.9-12 m/min.
  • Mechanical speed controller with adjustable feed speed from 0 to 20 m/min
  • Plate metal detector
  • System for sorting moulded pieces from sprues
  • Special sizes upon request.
  • White belts for food applications or reinforced belts for high temperatures.
  • Various separator types available.