Plastic Systems S.r.l. is an Italian company that can be considered an international leader in the design, production and sale of plastic materials processing machinery.

To date, the company can count on a strong organisation that is continuously expanding and growing, s to its in-depth knowledge and experience in the drying, conveyance, blending and processing of plastic granules and, more generally, plastic polymers.

Its offer is not limited to mass production, extending also to the design of special customised systems aimed at addressing the most diverse needs.
Plastic System’s expansion in the 20 years of its activity took place in Italy, Brazil and China, with production plants and sales offices, and in India, with a business subsidiary, all with the purpose of satisfying the foreign markets with a prompt local reaction.

The strength of the company resides in both its entrepreneurial spirit and in the considerable skills of its staff comprising engineers, young graduates and young professionals.
And this, together with a competitive business philosophy, promoted the company’s presence and success worldwide.
Plastic Systems has been co-operating for years with manufacturers working in various areas of the plastics industry.

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Plastic System’s entrepreneurial spirit led the company to open a production plant and business office in China in 2006, as the country is strategic in addressing the requests from the Asian market.

The new hub comprises production departments, a technical office and a strong sales department , as well as a service department manned by extremely skilled technician .. with a complete sharing of Italian know-how.

Production focuses on the manufacturing of drying and central feeding systems, as well as dosing systems; metal components are produced in-house and the quality standard of the products is the same as that of machines manufactured in Italy.

The plant covers an overall 10000 sq. m surface and employs 100 people.

Turnkey systems, including large ones, are the company’s core business.



Like the Chinese plant, Plastic Systems Latin America, too, looks to the Brazilian and, prospectively, South American markets with its products manufactured in São Paulo.

The Latin American subsidiary of the company has a 3500 sq. m plant that includes, besides the production area, the sales, after-sales and administrative offices, with a total of around 15 employees.

Production is focused on the manufacturing of drying and centralised feeding systems, as well as individual and dosing systems.

A small in-house structural workshop ensured the same quality standards as the Italian plant.

This subsidiary also supplies turnkey operations.



Plastic Systems USA was born in Atlanta, United States, in 2019
Here Plastic Systems aims at expanding an important market as the United States.

The Atlanta office is complete with commercial offices, a showroom available to host customers and view our products. A warehouse of machines listed in the catalog and spare parts, and last but not least an on-site team of technicians for the commissioning of systems and after-sales assistance.

Our sales agents operating throughout the United States are actively supported by the headquarters in Italy.
This office reinforces the massive presence of Plastic Systems abroad with a “Point” in a complex market as vast as that of the United States.