Crystallizers CRN series

Bringing plastic in a new dimension

Crystallizers CRN series

The crystallizers of the CRN series can process PET in amorphous granules and regrinded flakes from bottles, etc. Models are available with capacities ranging from 50 to 7000 dm3.



Control with Siemens PLC and operator interface with touch screen


Stainless steel hopper equipped with a vertical agitation system. Driven by low-speed cycloidal gear motors.


Soundproof high-pressure fan

Heating chamber

Electric or gas heat exchanger heating chamber


Cyclone installed on the process air return


  • Loading and unloading rotary cell.
  • Pneumatic feeding and extraction system.
  • Oil condensation system.


  • Uniform polymer crystallization without any degradation.


  • Essential for application before the extrusion phase on single-screw machines, ensuring process stability and safeguarding IV loss even on twin-screw extruders.
  • Always finds application after regranulation processes, restoring material to crystallinity values.


  • Purification of oils contained in post-consumer regrind.

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