Easy Way

Bringing plastic in a new dimension

Easy Way

Plastic Systems’ EASYWAY represents a revolutionary innovation in the field of industrial management systems, being a patented software that perfectly embodies the principles of Industry 4.0. This cutting-edge platform allows for comprehensive and intuitive plant supervision and management, offering users the ability to monitor, control, and optimize production processes in real time.

Moreover, EASYWAY is designed to be flexible and scalable, adapting to the needs of plants of any size and complexity. This customization capability not only enhances operational efficiency but also helps to reduce costs and increase productivity, ensuring optimal resource management and continuous process improvement.

Technical features


Ability to connect Plastic Systems machines with an HMI interface


Display of the main information of the machines


Capability to create custom layouts


Connectable to other machines and management systems via OPCUA and SQL Server Database

Other connections

Other connection systems available upon request

Maintenance management

Through centralized maintenance management, it is possible to plan maintenance for the entire plant from a single point

Other devices

Ability to add maintenance for other devices using EasyWay Connect


Trend of the main data of the machines


Machine recipe management

Production management

Production Order Management and Download to Machines for:

Single Machine Management;

Management of a Group of Machines connected to presses;


Basic Remote Assistance;


1 Connectable Remote Client;


Industrial PC to connect to your monitor;


Ability to connect machines and parts of the plant to EasyWay without dedicated intelligence with EasyWay Connect;


Control of Gravimetric Dosers;


Control of Storage Silos;


Matrix PLC Server;


Suction Probe and Tube.

More information
about the product

PLastic Systems S.r.l.

Plastic Systems is a Pegaso Industries SPA group company with more than 25 years of history behind it that stands as an international leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of auxiliary machinery for plastics processing.


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